Specialty HVAC Applications


The traditional HVAC system is ideal for homes, in addition to most businesses.

However, there are a number of specialized establishments that require unique equipment and air conditions in order to function properly. This means that some companies will be equipped with a unique HVAC system to ensure proper ventilation, as well proper air quality, for their space.

Some examples of areas that would require specialized HVAC systems include:

  • Operating Rooms
  • Cigar Lounges
  • Server Rooms

When installing specialized HVAC systems, it’s essential that you find a licensed technician who, in addition to being certified, also understands the specialized conditions you need to maintain.

It’s also important that, in addition to finding a technician who understands your specialized HVAC system, you find someone able to maintain it. Compromised air quality may not seem like a big deal, but if dust and debris were allowed in an operating room through an improperly maintained ventilation system the results could be fatal. Maintaining proper air quality is essential.

If you’re looking for a specialist to install a specialized HVAC system for your establishment, or need a technician to repair the one you already have, then give the experts at DC Cheek Heating and Cooling a call at (770)882-2435.