How To Keep Your Air Conditioner Working Efficiently This Summer


An air conditioner is probably of your home’s most important appliances during summer. It plays a major role in ensuring that your home or office is comfortable despite the hot temperatures. However, you also need to give it proper care during this time for it to be effective. The following guidelines will ensure that you have an efficient air conditioner to serve you reliably during these hot months.

Clean Air Filters

Clean air filters increase the AC’s efficiency by up to 15%. This is because debris overworks it, thus reducing its lifespan and increasing energy bills. Ensure that you replace any worn out filters and clean dirty ones to keep the unit running optimally.

Keep the Surrounding Area Clear

The ease with which your air conditioner draws in air is determined by a number of things, including how clear the area around the outside unit is. Keeping the area free from foliage and any form of obstruction increases air flow. Ideally, there should not be any items placed within 2 feet of the air conditioner.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

If you need to keep your home at the right temperature without compromising the activity of your AC, it’s best to use a programmable thermostat and ensure that it is set at the right temperature. Using a thermostat will go a long way to ensuring an efficient air conditioner.

Close Doors

Whenever the air conditioner is running, you need to make sure to close all doors in your home to ensure that it runs efficiently. If you have unused rooms, shut off the vents and ensure that their doors remain closed.

Getting your air conditioner to work optimally is as simple as performing these small tweaks. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to having a reliable and efficient air conditioning system. Remember, with improved efficiency comes other benefits, such as energy cost savings and improved indoor air quality.

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