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When Was the Last Time You Had Your Ducts Inspected?

If you’re not quite sure where your air ducts are located and can’t remember the last time they were thoroughly inspected and cleaned, it’s probably time to call us out. Air ducts are the conduits through which air conditioned air flows from the air conditioning unit into the rooms of your home. As the air is recirculated, dirt, grime, pollen and allergens can begin to build up; over time this not only reduces the effectiveness of your duct work, it may also exacerbate chest problems or allergies.

Make Your Air Conditioning Last Longer

Obtaining the services of a professional to clean your ducting and check it for signs of wear and tear doesn’t just result in better performance and reduced particulate matter in the air, it can also significantly increase the longevity of your unit. Blockages or a reduced flow in the air ducts can put unnecessary pressure on the air conditioner’s motor, potentially increasing the risk of failure or parts wearing out. By arranging for us to visit your home on a regular basis to give your ducts a deep down clean, you can potentially add years to the life of your air conditioning system.

Our Professional Team Can Help

Our staff is well trained, qualified and experienced in a wide variety of ducting types. They understand what to look for and will meticulously check each part of your system, cleaning it thoroughly and making sure it’s robust and reliable. Many people report that the symptoms of their asthma or other allergies significantly decrease once our engineers have undertaken routine duct cleaning, removing mold, pet dander and other irritants.

A Locally Based Team with a Strong Track Record

We are a well-established, local business that has a good reputation for punctuality, efficiency and dependability. Our friendly team is highly experienced and will do their utmost to keep your air conditioning, heating and ducts in premium condition. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned recently, call us now at (770) 888-8788 to arrange a visit from our engineers.

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