Prepare Your Home for Winter with a Gas Furnace Inspection


As the weather begins to cool down in November, DC Cheek would like to remind our clients to schedule a gas furnace inspection. Safety and efficiency inspections performed on gas furnaces will help customers save money on their home heating bills this winter.


To avoid gas furnace problems during the winter, DC Cheek has created the following safety and efficiency guideline for your reference. Performing the tasks on this list before turning on the furnace this year can save you money on energy costs, and ensures that your gas heating appliances are in safe working condition. Some of these steps can be performed by you, while others, for safety reasons, should only be performed by a licensed technician.


DC Cheek Furnace Safety and Efficiency Inspection Checklist:


  • Look for cracked, rusted, misaligned, or clogged vents.
  • Check your flue assembly for alignment and rigidity; a small earthquake is all it takes to loosen the flue and allow the products of combustion to seep into your home.
  • Make sure the flame is blue. A yellow flame may be a sign that the burner could be out of adjustment.
  • Inspect for soot in the burning area and vents. This can be an indication that the gas burner is not properly adjusted and requires servicing.
  • Look for cracked or frayed blower belts.
  • Clean all dust and lint near the burning chamber. Please ensure that the thermostat is in the off position prior to cleaning.
  • Clean or replace your furnace filter and make sure the blower door is properly secured.
  • Do not store or use combustible materials or liquids near any gas appliance.
  • Check ducts for leaks and have them properly insulated.

DC Cheek Heating and Cooling will help you maintain your gas furnace to ensure a safe and warm environment in your home and workplace. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and visit our website for more information. 770-888-8788.

Improving Indoor Quality with Duct Cleaning


Should you have your ducts cleaned by a professional service? There are three times when the answer is an unequivocal “yes.” You should have your ducts cleaned when there is substantial visible mold growth inside the ducts, when ducts are infested with vermin, or when ducts are clogged with so much dust and debris that particles large enough to see are blowing into your home.

What the duct cleaning service includes:

– Opening the access ports to allow the whole duct system to be cleaned and inspected.
– Checking for asbestos containing materials before cleaning the system.
– Using vacuum equipment that exhausts particles outside of the home or use only high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuuming equipment.
– Using well-controlled brushing of duct surfaces in conjunction with contact vacuum cleaning to dislodge dirt or other particles.
– Using soft-bristled brushes for fibreglass duct board and sheet metal ducts lined with fibreglass.
– Taking care to protect the duct work, including sealing and re-insulating any access holes the service provider may have made or used to ensure they’re airtight.

We take around 20,000 breaths a day and more than 10,000 of them occur indoors. Although outdoor air pollution is an obvious problem, indoor air routinely tests as worse. This reiterates the point that we should take absolute care in maintaining our duct systems in order to assure that the air circulating in our home is as clean as possible.

DC Cheek Heating and Cooling will help you maintain your duct systems to maintain safe and healthy air quality standards for your home and workplace. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and visit our website for more information. 770-888-8788.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters


HEPA filters are specialized filters designed to filter dry air with a rated efficiency of 99.97% or greater. They are not absolute filters, but instead provide a rated reduction in particulate burden.
HEPA filters use media to clean the air and capture airborne particles through several mechanisms including the sieve effect, impaction, interception, and diffusion. Below is a short description of each filtering mechanism used by HEPA filters:
– Sieve effect: This effect occurs for large particles larger than 5 micrometers in diameter. These particles are just too large to fit through the open areas in the filter media. Removal efficiency for large particles due to the sieve effect is typically 99% successful.
– Inertia impaction: Inertial impaction occurs as particles are carried through tile filter media by the airstream. As the airstream shifts to flow around fibers, inertia causes the particles carried by the airstream to impact the fibers. This mechanism typically occurs for particles in the 0.5 micrometer to 5 micrometer range.
– Interception: Smaller particles may be intercepted by the fibers when they come within 1 particle diameter of a fiber when following the gas stream. This mechanism can be effective because of the high fiber density of HEPA media. This mechanism is effective in the 0.1 micrometer to 1 micrometer range.
– Brownian diffusion: Brownian diffusion occurs with very fine particles that are small enough to be affected by collision with the gas molecules in the airstream. Brownian motion causes these particles to move randomly within the airstream, increasing the probability of the particles contacting a fiber.
DC Cheek Heating and Cooling will help you maintain and upgrade your HEPA filters in order to create safe and healthy air quality standards for your home and workplace. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and visit our website for more information. 70-888-8788

HVAC Maintenance Guarantees Air Quality of Your Home


One of the most important factors affecting indoor air quality is how a building is heated, ventilated and air conditioned. Well designed and maintained ventilation and air-conditioning systems are crucial to having good air quality, but problems can form quickly when the HVAC system is not functioning correctly.
Lack of HVAC maintenance can quickly lead to problems. Sometimes a home will be having indoor air quality problems because controls in the control system have failed and no one has noticed. Problems such as clogged up filters and unemptied drain pans for air conditioners and dehumidifiers can cut down air circulation while providing a fertile breeding ground for mold and bacteria which have been associated with respiratory allergies and asthma and have been linked to the airborne transmission of various infections.
A microbiological growth may also occur in an HVAC system equipped with low efficiency filters, humidifiers that use water recycling or in areas in which water condensation remains stagnant and large re-circulation of air is present. Microorganisms can thus spread in the indoor air by the HVAC system and be inhaled.
DC Cheek Heating and Cooling will help you maintain and upgrade your HVAC systems to create safe and healthy air quality standards for your home and workplace. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and visit our website for more information. 70-888-8788

Get Sandy Springs Electric Heating


Thermostat in SkyIf you want to improve your Sandy Springs home then you would like to maximize the comfort of it by installing an electric heater. What is an electric heater? What does Sandy Springs electric heating mean? It is commonly defined as the conversion of electrical energy into heat to balance out the temperature of your home thus making it more comfortable. The heating system will be discussed in this article.
How does Sandy Springs electrical heating work? Basically, as the name goes electric heating uses up electricity rather than gas to produce heat. And to be able to make this possible storage heaters are being used since these are the most cost-effective central heating form. This is due to the fact that electricity is more available than gas which can be seen almost everywhere. Did you know that the rate of electricity is cheaper at night time as compared to day time? This is the reason why heat-retaining bricks are being fed up with electricity at night and then distribute it at a slower rate during the following day since those bricks are designed to keep the energy warm.
These special bricks can also be used to electrically heat water once they are immersed in water. Now let us proceed to the pros and cons of electric heating. If you come to think of it, electricity is cheaper than gas which mainly points out to one of the pros of electric heating. Another is the freedom from pipe work along with only a few parts to be dealt with. Maintenance is a main issue when it comes to anything and when you talk about this electrical heater you will only need very little maintenance.
On the other hand other people speak about the technicality of the electrical heater since most of it works automatically. If that person’s storage heaters don’t function as expected, the person may have to set up the heater manually and will have to monitor it regularly. Another negative aspect of this is that electricity is with a higher rate when it comes to per unit of this substance.
Electrical heating truly is an essential tool in improving a person’s Sandy Springs home because it can provide that person with heat that he will definitely need in a lot of aspects of his life. Contact your Sandy Springs heating contractor to get this convenience in your home.

Cumming Office Air Conditioning


temp-coldIf you install the right kind of air conditioning in an office, you will discover that under more pleasant working conditions staff productivity goes up. Therefore, contacting your Cumming air conditioning specialist makes good business sense. When you are buying air conditioning for a new office there are certain considerations you must take into account, like the size of the rooms and how many people will be using the rooms during the day. The following is a breakdown of other questions that you should ask your Cumming HVAC contractor to make the best investment for your business.

1. What is the unit’s British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating? This rating will tell you how much heat the air conditioning unit can remove from a room. A higher rating corresponds to more heat being taken from a room, so it is best to have room dimensions ready for the air conditioning installer. A large room with a unit that has a low rating would not be effective at all.

2. What Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) Number has the air conditioner have? This number will tell you how much energy is needed to power the unit to work effectively. The higher the EER, the less energy is needed to power the air conditioning unit. This is desirable, but keep in mind that higher EER numbers mean a more expensive unit. The good thing about that is the long-term use of a machine with a higher EER will help pay for itself over time, saving you money.

3. How is the temperature controlled? Most units today have a heat sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature of the air as it enters the unit using a manual or programmable control. If you get a unit with a variable speed fan, it can help make your unit more efficient. You can also find units with remote controls, timers and digital readouts.

4. Is it easy to maintain? Obviously, you want a unit that is easy to maintain, meaning filters that are easily removed for cleaning and replacement. By doing so, you can ensure that your unit works efficiently and save your Cumming business money over the years.

Write these questions down to ask your Cumming air conditioning specialist to select the best unit for the best price for your new office.

Five Money Saving A/C Tips for Cumming Residents


temp-cold1It’s summertime– which means it’s that time of year when many homeowners find themselves shelling out cash for air conditioning repairs in Cumming. By utilizing the following tips for air conditioning maintenance, however, you can cut down on the money and time many Cumming residents will find themselves spending this summer.

  1. You should have your thermostat properly calibrated during your next service check-up. If your Cumming serviceman is already there, he will most likely do this for you at no charge. By ensuring accurate temperature control, you will save money and set an accurate comfort level.
  2. One of the main components of your air conditioner, the refrigerant charge, can be quite expensive to repair. Making sure that the refrigerant charge is on point will save you money on your power bill because it will help your air conditioning unit run more efficiently.
  3. You air conditioner’s condenser coil will remove and reject heat from your home, so if this part is dirty expect your a/c to run less efficiently. If the coil gets too dirty it can lead to a total system failure, which will cost big bucks to repair (or replace).
  4. Keeping your air conditioning evaporator coil clean is important to helping your unit run efficiently. Dust and dirt that escape the air filter can restrict the air flow through the coil, reducing your air conditioning system of performance and capacity. Checking your coil once a month will make sure that proper air flow is delivered to all areas of your home, as well as increase comfort levels, provide better de-humidification and a give your home a cleaner healthier indoor environment.
  5. Something that can affect air flow into your home are dirty blower wheels. It can also spread dust particles which irritate sinus and allergies. By keeping it clean, it will provide maximum air flow and proper cooling of your home.

The main point of these tips is to ensure that your air conditioning unit runs at it’s most efficient level– saving wear and tear on the unit, keeping money in your pocket and keeping visits from your Cumming air conditioning repairman to a minimum.

Cumming AC Repairs: Some Things to Know


ac-repairIt often happens that the air conditioner in the house is neglected until the day you notice no cool air coming from it. This is usually during the hot days of a Georgia summer, when this machine is most needed. You then try to put the settings to the highest level hoping it will make the machine work better. However, this is to no avail. You then decide that the only thing left to do is seek help for air conditioning repairs.

This need not happen if you know some basic facts about air conditioners and how to properly maintain them. Let air conditioning repairs be done on the most complex of things, for example, if the system needs refrigerant because of low levels due to a leak. The detection of the leak and the handling of the refrigerant are best left to Cumming’s AC Repair Professionals.

What you have inside your room is called the evaporator of the air conditioning unit. This is where the cool air comes from. In front of the evaporator, there is an air filter. As the name implies, it filters dust and other particles from the air before the air enters the unit. The most basic maintenance you can do is to clean this filter regularly. The occurrence of this task depends on how often the unit is used. To be safe, cleaning the filters should be done on a monthly basis. Running water will do. Typically, air conditioner manuals have instructions on how to properly maintain the filter. It is best to consult the manual if ever there are special instructions on how to do so.

Your professional also recommends having no obstructions in the path where the air is coming out of the unit. In fact, this is also true for air coming into the unit. There should be a complete, unimpeded air flow to the air conditioner. Any blockage to this flow will result in a decreased performance leading to air not being cooled and even icing of the evaporator.

On the outside, this is where you are likely to find the other two main components of an air conditioner. These are the compressor and the condenser. The former is the heart of the system which pumps refrigerant throughout the unit. It is this flow that gives the air conditioner its cooling ability. If this flow is restricted, cooling is affected. The latter is where the heat taken by air from your room is taken out into the surroundings. If you have tried to put your hand into the air coming out of the condenser, you will notice that it is hot. It should be. If not, then there are problems to the unit. Problems to these two units usually require air conditioning repairs.

There is not much maintenance you can do to these two units outside except to ensure that there are no restrictions to the air flow of the condenser and that its coils are clean. If you want to be sure, give us a call.

Tips on Improving the Indoor Air Quality in Your Buford Home


Air Conditioning Repairman 4You may not know it, but the air inside your home can be more dangerous to your health than the air outside. This scary fact is more evident in the winter months, when the windows are all kept closed so that the heat won’t escape. This allows warm, but stale air to circulate around your household, causing various kinds of breathing disorders and other illnesses. This is why making sure that the indoor air quality in your Buford home is at healthy levels is important.

Here are some tips that you can use to improve indoor air quality at home:

  1. Indoor plants – Plants can help freshen up the air inside by converting the carbon dioxide in people’s breaths into oxygen. Don’t believe the old wives’ tale that plants suck up the oxygen in a room when night falls, it is just a myth so put in as many plants as you like.
  2. Do not smoke indoors – This one is pretty obvious, but it can be hard for smokers who cannot help themselves. Second hand smoke is much more dangerous than the smoke that smokers get when puffing on a cigarette, so the people around them are the one’s that really in danger because of smoking. So if you value the health of the people around you, if you have to smoke do it outside, or at least in a room that has good ventilation.
  3. Use humidifiers – In the winter months the air becomes dry and difficult to breathe, in fact when the humidity in the air drops to below 30% it can be dangerous to your health. So during the winter months always use a humidifier to increase the humidity; it also helps in warming up a room nicely.
  4. Check for mold – The spores from mold in the walls and ceilings pose a more dangerous threat to your health than the pollution outside. So have a specialist check for mold in your home and have it treated immediately when they are found.
  5. Frequent maintenance of the air conditioning and heating system – A good way to improve indoor air quality is to have a qualified Buford HVAC contractor do preventive maintenance on your air conditioning system regularly. Changing filters and cleaning out the duct-works can do wonders in improving the air that you breathe.
  6. Vacuum frequently – Dust particles in the air are the most likely suspects why people get allergies. To prevent them from getting airborne, when you see that dust is already settling on your furniture you should vacuum them thoroughly. Be sure to use a vacuum that has a HEPA filter attachment so that it would not release any microscopic dust particles in the air as you clean.

If you take these simple tips into consideration, the indoor air quality in your home will greatly improve. Making a healthy environment for your family to live in is your responsibility, so keep them healthy by making sure that the air they breathe inside the home is clean.

Why You Need A Georgia Portable Home Generator



There are some very good reasons for home and business owners to buy a Georgia portable home generator. With the demand for electrical power increasing rapidly every year and the aging power grids straining with even the current supply levels, it seems obvious that power cuts will become more common and without an alternative life can become extremely difficult.

Emergency Generators

Then there is another reason – emergencies. A generator is a vital accessory that can be used during snow storms in the dead of winter or hurricanes in the summer months. Millions of people every year lose electrical power to their homes very often for a long time if they don’t have a generator to fall back on during these emergency conditions.

Without a portable generator, life can become pretty uncomfortable when the power suddenly fails. The lights go out. The air conditioner stops and the heat starts to build up and collars are loosened. Up north, usually in the coldest part of winter, when the power stops the freezing cold soon starts to creep into the house.

Keep Food Cold

It is only during a power cut that we suddenly realize just how dependent we all are on electricity for our home comforts, and we miss not having a generator. Our modern life style really revolves about having electricity any time we want it. Just consider all the, now vital, appliances in the home that we all take for granted. The refrigerator, keeping our beer cold in the summer, and of course the deep freezer with hundreds of dollars worth of food only hours away from being spoiled when the power stops. A home generator can in this case pay for itself keeping your valuable food cold.

Without the benefit of a generator we really are forced against our will to live like the frontier’s folk of old. Televisions and sound systems fall silent. Bedtime moves earlier in the evening when there is no light and often bed is the only place you can feel comfortable. If the blackout only last a few hours then it is just an inconvenience but what if it is longer?

Business Uses Of Portable Generators

Water pipes can start to freeze and burst causing problems when the thaw comes. You may have a sump pump and if that doesn’t work your house may become uninhabitable. Many people have their own water bore hole and once their reserve tank is empty there’s no more water. With all these reasons and more it is obviously wise to invest in an alternative power supply.

For businesses, the problems of a electrical power cut are equally serious. Without an portable home generator the lose of power also can mean the lose of income. Without electricity, computers, printers, fax machines all fall silent and if they aren’t working then the potential for generating business stops. Customers in other parts of the country don’t realize you have a power cut and since you didn’t purchase a generator they cannot contact you and your customer relations can be easily damaged.

Generator Options

So what size of generator is suitable for your home? It must be remembered that it’s a standby generator and not one required to power the entire house. Just a few lights and a few appliances need to operate at the same time. Because of this most homes only need a small unit that can power only the essential devices.

Home owners should prepare for the unfortunate times that the lights go out and buy a portable home generator when they don’t need one. Once the snow piles up and the power goes off you may not be able to travel to the store to buy a Georgia portable home generator. Buy a portable home generator now and prepare for the bad times in advance.

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