Improve Your In-Home Comfort with Professional Air Duct Cleaning


Whether you live in the city or in the suburbs, heating and cooling your home to a comfortable level is a year-round necessity for much of the country. Because your central air or heater is used throughout the year, it’s in the best interest of the homeowner to ensure the system is running at peak performance. One aspect of home AC maintenance that is often overlooked is air duct cleaning.

While homes in dry climates often do not need to worry about mold in the ducts, this is a cause for concern in humid clients such as Atlanta and surrounding communities. Mold, pet dander, and other unwelcome guests can adhere to the inside of air ducts, which circulate heated and cooled air throughout the house. Furthermore, homes that have recently undergone a remodeling or renovation project may have drawn drywall, sawdust, or other construction materials into the system. These airborne pathogens can trigger allergies or other respiratory issues in people who are sensitive or have seasonal allergies.

Beyond the benefits of breathing cleaner air, there are some other benefits of having your residential air ducts cleaned, such as:

  • Save more on energy costs – Dirty HVAC systems can impede and block the flow of air throughout your home, forcing your HVAC system to work harder to circulate air throughout your home. Regularly cleaning your vents ensures air not only flows freely throughout your home, but also lowers your energy bill, as it take less time to heat and cool your home without putting unnecessary stress on your system.
  • Breathe easier with cleaner air – HVAC systems can accumulate dust and dirt over time, especially on grates and vents. When your system is on, dirty vents can actually spread allergens, spores and dust throughout your home, reducing the air quality inside. Having your system professionally cleaned ensures your system is filtering air through clean, dust-free pathways, helping you breathe easier and keeping your home clean at the same time.
  • Prevents the need for repairs – HVAC systems can break down over time, especially after years of heavy use. However, having your system cleaned by professionals can help extend the life of your system. Like automobiles, keeping up with regular maintenance ensures maximum longevity. Professionals can often spot problems while cleaning your unit, saving you from paying for costly repairs in the future.
  • Your house will smell fresh ­– Trapped mold and fungi in your vents can give off unpleasant odors as colonies grow and multiply, which end up getting pushed through your air system and into your home. Food odors and perspiration can also be filtered throughout your home as well. Professional cleaners can remove these nasty odors with a professional cleaning. It’s best to let professionals remove mold as they have the training and experience to deal with and prevent it from spreading its spores throughout your system and home.

Have Your HVAC System Professionally Cleaned with DC Cheek

You can breathe easy again with DC Cheek professional HVAC cleaning services in Georgia. Founded in 1997, DC Cheek delivers the best in customer service with reliable HVAC and heating services. Our experts have the professional expertise and skills necessary to thoroughly clean your home or commercial business utilizing quality, top-of-the-line equipment. Contact DC Cheek today to have your HVAC system professionally cleaned.

The Importance of Air Quality in the Office


Indoor office air quality gets a lot of attention these days. The average worker spend up to 40 hours or more inside the office every week, which means that your employees will be spending about one third of their work week breathing in the air inside your building.

This means that having air that is both cool enough for the hot summer months and clean enough for everyone’s lungs is extremely important to the well-being of your employees. The air can have a large effect on everyone’s productivity and health, which is why DC Cheek provides the highest-quality commercial air handling units.

What are some common problems?

One of the most common problems people complain about is that the air is too hot in the summer, or too muggy or stale. Having an AC that is working properly will mean that your employees are in the right range of comfort to perform their jobs properly. Nobody can work well in an environment that is so hot that it makes everyone sweat, and it certainly won’t help for company morale either. We can repair or replace your AC unit to ensure that everyone is comfortable.

What about health problems?

You might not think so but dirty filters and broken ventilation can lead to people experiencing headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue. Not only is this bad for your employees’ health, and not something they should ever have to face in the workplace, but it is also bad for your business.

Workers who are sick or just simply not feeling well will not be productive, cost you time and money in sick days, and could even cost you money for medical bills. Make sure you get a professional company to handle your air conditioning systems to avoid all of these problems.

Having a safe and healthy workplace is crucial to the success of any business. Employees spend so much time in the office that the quality of air inside can have a profound impact on their health. Do what is best for your business and get a professional team like the one at DC Cheek to take care of all of your commercial equipment repairs and replacement, and help keep everyone productive and healthy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

The Importance Of Having Clean Ducts


Perhaps you’ve noticed that members of your household, or staff, have been suffering from increased allergies, or asthma. Maybe your space feels like it’s getting dusty faster than usual, or that both your heating and cooling systems are operating less efficiently.

Unfortunately these are all symptoms that relate to a problem with dirty ducts in your home. Thankfully a thorough duct cleaning by the professionals at DC Cheek Heating and Cooling may solve the problem.

Why Duct Cleaning is Important

Ducts are the key to circulating the air through a building or a private home. Dirty ducts make a heating and cooling system work harder and less efficiently than they’re supposed to. Duct cleaning helps to conserve energy, which means you’ll save more money on energy bills. A duct cleaning can also make your building a safer and healthier place for those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems.

Duct Cleaning Benefits

There are a number of benefits you’ll experience after having your ducts professionally cleaned. First, and most importantly, you’re helping to reduce the increase or aggravation of allergies and respiratory conditions by removing all that pollen, dust, dirt, bacteria, and mold from your ducts.

Even a seemingly harmless bit of mold, dander, or dirt, can impact the performance of your heating or cooling systems. A professional cleaning will help make it run better than ever before. It’ll even help in prolong the life of your heating and cooling system, saving you money on system repairs and replacements.

Don’t delay. Hire our professionals to clean out your ducts by calling (770)882-2435 and lets us help you breathe a little easier.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters


HEPA filters are specialized filters designed to filter dry air with a rated efficiency of 99.97% or greater. They are not absolute filters, but instead provide a rated reduction in particulate burden.
HEPA filters use media to clean the air and capture airborne particles through several mechanisms including the sieve effect, impaction, interception, and diffusion. Below is a short description of each filtering mechanism used by HEPA filters:
– Sieve effect: This effect occurs for large particles larger than 5 micrometers in diameter. These particles are just too large to fit through the open areas in the filter media. Removal efficiency for large particles due to the sieve effect is typically 99% successful.
– Inertia impaction: Inertial impaction occurs as particles are carried through tile filter media by the airstream. As the airstream shifts to flow around fibers, inertia causes the particles carried by the airstream to impact the fibers. This mechanism typically occurs for particles in the 0.5 micrometer to 5 micrometer range.
– Interception: Smaller particles may be intercepted by the fibers when they come within 1 particle diameter of a fiber when following the gas stream. This mechanism can be effective because of the high fiber density of HEPA media. This mechanism is effective in the 0.1 micrometer to 1 micrometer range.
– Brownian diffusion: Brownian diffusion occurs with very fine particles that are small enough to be affected by collision with the gas molecules in the airstream. Brownian motion causes these particles to move randomly within the airstream, increasing the probability of the particles contacting a fiber.
DC Cheek Heating and Cooling will help you maintain and upgrade your HEPA filters in order to create safe and healthy air quality standards for your home and workplace. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and visit our website for more information. 70-888-8788