What Qualifies as an Air Conditioning Emergency?


What qualifies as an air conditioning emergency?During warm summer months, you rely on your air conditioning to keep your home cool and comfortable. When your A/C suddenly dies or stops performing as well as it has in the past, you and your loved ones notice. You may be tempted to pick up the phone right away to call your expert A/C technician at DC Cheek Heating & Cooling for an immediate repair of one of your home’s most important systems. While you can always rely on DC Cheek to perform emergency repairs and services 24/7, it’s important to consider if you really do have an emergency situation on your hands, or if it can wait until the next business day.

What Is an A/C Emergency?

When it’s hot outside and your A/C needs some TLC to perform at its best, every situation can feel like an emergency, but to avoid paying more than you really need to for expert repairs, you’ll need to think critically about if the required repairs are a “must-have” or a “could-wait.” Generally, you’ll know if your circumstances are worth emergency action if they disrupt your everyday activities and functions. If you or your family could suffer health consequences without air conditioning or if the A/C’s function is a major detriment to your daily life (not just a minor inconvenience), you can rest assured that emergency service is completely warranted.

How Can I Avoid an Emergency?

Emergencies are stressful and costly. However, with the right preparation and maintenance, you’ll reduce your risk of having to stress your way through another air conditioning emergency. The easiest and least expensive way to remain on top of your air conditioner’s performance is by being aware of its needs day-to-day.

While many homeowners simply ignore their A/C until it breaks, responsible individuals know that regular maintenance and repairs are the way to go. Your A/C needs biannual inspections to ensure it continues running efficiently. While it may be tempting to skip an inspection or maintenance visit to save a bit of money today, a preventable emergency breakdown could become even more costly and stressful down the line.

If you notice your A/C making strange noises or not performing as well as it could be, don’t put it off! Fix those small problems before they grow into major issues that could put you and your loved ones in a jam in the middle of summer. Repairing small problems immediately keeps costs lower for longer and helps you avert an A/C crisis later.

Stay Cool and Comfortable with DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

With proper prevention and maintenance, your air conditioning should serve you and your loved ones well for years to come. However, if your A/C is kaput right on the edge of summer and causes major disruptions to your daily life, you can trust DC Cheek to provide prompt emergency service to help you get back on track quicker. To schedule an inspection or maintenance, contact us online or call 770-888-8788.