Troubleshooting Air Heat Pumps


Heat pumps require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation and extend the life of the unit. The most common cause of problems occurring in a heat pump is due to a lack of water flow. The inhibition of water flow can be the result of various things going wrong, here are a few possible reasons:

  • There is a blocked filter in the heating circuit.
  • There is a water valve in the fluid circuit which has been shut off.
  • A pump failure has occurred.
  • The strainer of the heat pump is blocked. This can often happen if the installer has not properly cleaned the system. Rest assured that our technicians are well trained in the installation and maintenance of heat pumps. If your strainer is clogged, our technician will undo the strainer and take out the filter element. They will then proceed to wash it in clean water and replace it.
  • Blockage in the brine (or antifreeze) circuit. If this is the case, our professionals will check your heat pumps filters, the status of the antifreeze to determine whether it has aged or if there is a failed pump.

Most problems involving heat pump system performance require specialist intervention. A qualified service provider should annually inspect your home heat pump in order to ensure proper operation. Contact DC Cheek Heating & Cooling today to schedule an evaluation visit. Our technicians will examine and determine the status of your home’s heat pump system. 770-888-8788.


Time to Have Your Home Air Ducts Cleaned?


Having your home’s air ducts cleaned will increase furnace efficiency, reduce dust in the air and help allergy sufferers. To help you decide whether this service is for you – here are key questions to ask yourself.

  • How old is your furnace? Have you ever had the ducts cleaned before? You get the most benefit from air duct cleaning the first time it is done because that’s when years of dust (which could decrease fuel efficiency by as much as 10 per cent) and any large objects blocking the air ducts are removed.
  • Do you have cold spots in your house? This could be caused by large objects blocking the ducts and preventing heat from reaching individual rooms.
  • Do you notice an abnormal amount of dust in the house? The dust could be coming from the blocked air ducts.
  • Are you bothered by allergies and dust in the air? Cleaning air ducts automatically relieves allergies and reduces the amount of dust and allergens circulating in the home.
  • Do you have central air conditioning? The coil on air conditioners becomes inefficient when choked with dust and having your ducts cleaned helps keep it clean.

Contact DC Cheek Heating & Cooling today to schedule an evaluation visit. Our technicians will examine and determine the status of your home’s air duct system. Depending on the results we find, we will then recommend the best possible solution to improve the air quality and comfort of your home. 770-888-8788.