Prepare Your Home for Winter with a Gas Furnace Inspection


As the weather begins to cool down in November, DC Cheek would like to remind our clients to schedule a gas furnace inspection. Safety and efficiency inspections performed on gas furnaces will help customers save money on their home heating bills this winter.


To avoid gas furnace problems during the winter, DC Cheek has created the following safety and efficiency guideline for your reference. Performing the tasks on this list before turning on the furnace this year can save you money on energy costs, and ensures that your gas heating appliances are in safe working condition. Some of these steps can be performed by you, while others, for safety reasons, should only be performed by a licensed technician.


DC Cheek Furnace Safety and Efficiency Inspection Checklist:


  • Look for cracked, rusted, misaligned, or clogged vents.
  • Check your flue assembly for alignment and rigidity; a small earthquake is all it takes to loosen the flue and allow the products of combustion to seep into your home.
  • Make sure the flame is blue. A yellow flame may be a sign that the burner could be out of adjustment.
  • Inspect for soot in the burning area and vents. This can be an indication that the gas burner is not properly adjusted and requires servicing.
  • Look for cracked or frayed blower belts.
  • Clean all dust and lint near the burning chamber. Please ensure that the thermostat is in the off position prior to cleaning.
  • Clean or replace your furnace filter and make sure the blower door is properly secured.
  • Do not store or use combustible materials or liquids near any gas appliance.
  • Check ducts for leaks and have them properly insulated.

DC Cheek Heating and Cooling will help you maintain your gas furnace to ensure a safe and warm environment in your home and workplace. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and visit our website for more information. 770-888-8788.